COVID exposure

Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Call Center:


Seven days a week, 7am-7pm

Any Johns Hopkins community member who feels ill or is concerned about exposure is encouraged to call the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Call Center. The call center is staffed by Johns Hopkins nurses and physicians and specially trained nursing and medical students. When you call, a representative will instruct you about next steps depending on your circumstances. They will arrange for testing if needed and assist in transmitting information to Occupational Health.

In a March 2021 survey of 277 JHU undergraduate students, 78% reported that people who live together have a responsibility to communicate with each other about their COVID-19 risks.

Remember, communicate with your pod mates if you think you've been exposed. If you have been in contact with them and you've been exposed, they should get tested as well. This will limit clusters of cases from occurring.

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