Form a Pod

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Learn How to Form a Safe Pod.

Watch PodGoalsJHU interview Dr. Elizabeth Stewart Associate Dean for Education at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to learn how YOU can form and maintain a pod!


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Don't get caught off guard.

Define the pod.

Is your pod close, trusted, committed and exclusive? The truth is, our social networks are a lot larger than we think. And while the temptation to branch out is real, a closed pod should be exactly that: closed. You may think your pod is your four roommates, while your roommate thinks the pod includes you four and her boyfriend and his best friend's girlfriend.

40% of JHU undergraduates believed you could safely be in more than one pod at a time… what would this look like?

[Your pod of 6 has now become a pod of 33 plus coronavirus]

Protect the Squad. Define the pod.

Make sure everyone has a shared understanding of what a pod is and who is in it.

Next Steps:

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Communication Guidelines

Pod Rules

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